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Zipp’s Vuka Aero™ redefines aero handlebar conventions while being compatible with modern-day aero bikes. The current redesigned Vuka Aero builds on the technological foundation of aero excellence set by the original version. Vuka Aero is an integrated aero bar that can be used with any stem to help you find your ideal position on the bike.

The airfoil used in the Vuka Aero is based on the shape of the SL-70 Aero road bar. The result is an aero bar that’s stiff and streamlined while maintaining the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio requirement. With Vuka Aero, our design team blends features with advancements from our best-in-class carbon aero and road bars:

  • Removable center cap, placed in front of the stem, adds 5 percent stiffness to the aero bar and integrates seamlessly with the airfoil.
  • Manufactured using SRAM’s Exogram™ technology, the same used in the ultra light and strong SRAM® RED cranks and Zipp SL Sprint and SL Speed stems.
  • Rapid Routing™ cable exits are positioned for easy installation of brake cables.
  • Clamp hardware and riser kits for the Vuka Aero are modeled after Zipp’s pro proven Vuka Stealth aero cockpit.
  • Vuka Aero comes with our new 5mm riser kit, which will also be available for the Vuka Stealth.
  • Zipp’s Vuka Fit software tool (available from the Apple App store or here on makes applying your fit coordinates to the Vuka Aero simple and straightforward.

Vuka Aero ships with base bar, extension clamps, armrest clamps, risers (two each of 5mm, 10mm, 25mm and 50mm risers), Vuka armrest pads, Vuka armrest and steel hardware. Extensions and stem not included.

Available separately for Vuka Aero and Vuka Stealth, Zipp’s new Low-Stack Extension Clamp allows the armrest stack (vertical position) to be adjusted 12mm lower than previously possible. This is the setup used by pro triathlete Jordan Rapp.

Size 40cm (Center-to-Center)
Clamp Width 54mm
Weight 700g (w/carbon extensions)
Finish Matte White
Bar Clamp Diameter 31.8mm
Extension Diameter 22.2mm
Extension Shape Extensions sold separately