PowerTap P2 Pedals

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Power meter pedals. Easily swap between bikes.

At the time PowerTap P1 Pedals were released, they were the most sophisticated pedal power meter on the market. And now the bar has been raised yet again.

To create the PowerTap P2 Pedals, the simple, yet innovative, “plug-and-play” pedal-based power meter was updated to be sleeker, lighter and 20% more battery life. The P2 Pedals add only 398 grams to your rig, all while showing off a distinct, silver pedal body complete with a lower claw height for increased shoe-to-cleat compatibility.


  • One set of PowerTap P2 power pedals
  • Pair of red 6-degree float cleats
  • Pair of AAA lithium batteries

Weight: 398g (per set of pedals with batteries)
Battery: AAA Lithium – use only lithium batteries with the P2 pedals. Alkaline batteries could damage the pedals, and damage caused by batteries is not covered under warranty.
Thread Type: 9/16"
Cleat Interface: 3-bolt
Spring Type: Adjustable Elastomer (*Adjust the spring force tension for optimal retention and safe release. Ensure pedal and claw area are free of dirt, debris and clothing obstructions.)
Stack Height: 14mm
Wireless Technology: ANT+, Bluetooth low energy technology


  • Cleat: PowerTap Cleats, available in 6-degree or 0-degree float
  • Release Tension: 6-20 Nm
  • Center of Pedal: 53mm (measured from crank to pedal)
  • Lean Angle: 25.5 degrees (based on 175mm crank length, 75mm BB drop and 147mm Q-Factor crank)
  • Firmware Updates: Over the Air
  • Battery Life: 80 hours
  • No rider weight limit