Kore Realm Rims - 27.5'' & 29'' x 30mm - 32H

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Wide is the new way to rally.  Why? A wider rim allows for lower tire pressures and an increased contact patch to give you more traction when carving corners. The Realm rims come in  an internal rim width of 30mm for either 27.5″ or 29″ to match any terrain and ride style – from cross country up to aggressive all-mountain riding.

  • 27.5 X 3.0 wide  
  • 29 X 3.0 wide  
  • 32 Hole
  • Alloy AL6061-T6 construction with a sleeved joint
  • Nb These are non-eyelet 
  • Profile height 21mm
  • UST Tubeless compatible
  • Disc brake use only
  • Dual anodized Black with KORE graphics
  • Weight 536gms