GT Freehub Spares

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See pictures and below descriptions to help in your selection


HUB/AVA 1.0 2010 - 10 Spline, supplied 11mm Allen Key required for installation. (Use code FRCAKP413)

HUB/AVA 2.0 2009 - 22.5mm Threaded outside diameter, 12mm Allen required for installation.

HUB/AVA 3.0 2007 - 12mm Female threaded inside diameter, 10 spline


FRGT715 - GT 14 Sensor Elite/Expert FW BodyFreewheel for Sensor, Force 

Outside diameter 35.5mm hub interface, Internal diameter hub interface 26mm, Fits 17mm axle, O-ring sits in groove at hub interface


FRGT716 - GT 14 Distortion 2.0 FW Body Freewheel for 2014 Distortion 2.0 and Force 

Outside diameter  27mm hub interface, Internal diameter hub interface 17mm, Fits 15mm axle, seal at hub interface