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Campagnolo H11 Ergopower controls: extreme performance, extreme technology, extreme comfort and extreme control. The highly sophisticated disc-brake-specific Ergopower controls keep the same form that has made Campagnolo the undisputed leader in terms of ergonomics: the controls mirror the shape of the cyclist’s hands, resulting in a natural and secure position. Campagnolo engineers have managed to incorporate both the shifting mechanisms and the master cylinder in an Ergopower unit that is only 8 mm taller than its rim-brake counterpart, maintaining the same universally recognised shape. But Campagnolo has not just copied already successful ergonomics.

In fact it has incorporated NEXT LEVEL ERGONOMICS into the H11 controls, offering not only a position that is safe and comfortable, but one that can be personalised to the cyclist’s needs and individual preferences. By allowing the cyclist to set the exact initial position and the adjust performance to match their individual braking style, the H11 adapts to the rider, leaving them in complete control of all their senses. The top-of-the-range solution for mechanical disc brakes takes the precision, reliability and sophisticated materials of Super Record, Record and Chorus Revolution 11+ drivetrains and combines them with the extreme power and reliability of the Campagnolo Disc Brake project.

Weight 462 gr

See Campagnolo Website for further info on H11 Ergopower Controls


Campagnolo disc-brake callipers are the result of countless hours of R&D, all in the pursuit of levels of braking performance and reliability that are worthy of the Campagnolo name. Made from forged aluminium, they are available in a flat-mount configuration, meticulously designed to be perfectly compatible with all flat-mount frames and forks currently available, without the need for converters or adapters. Avoiding the use of adapters gives the system greater stiffness and integrity, as well as improving aesthetics by avoiding any unnecessary materials. With 160 mm callipers on the front and a choice of either 160 mm or 140 mm versions on the back, the cyclist can choose the perfect combination for their own frame.

The calliper is installed with just two different-length screws, ensuring perfect frame compatibility. Campagnolo’s solution not only eliminates the need for additional screws, which helps to reduce weight, but also provides a super-secure construction with the possibility to visibly inspect all bolts. The 22 mm pistons are made from a phenolic resin, chosen for its thermal insulation qualities, providing excellent transfer of power from the lever to the brake pad. The brake design includes a magnetic spring on the pistons, eliminating the need for mechanical springs and ensuring the pads return faster. Campagnolo engineers spent a huge amount of time on this small component, to make it as safe and reliable as possible. 

More detials here

Sizes: 160 mm Front - 140 mm Rear

Weight 115 gr. (140 mm Post. 1 pz)